Off-grid renewable energy solutions offer a unique opportunity to expand modern energy access services – particularly to remote settings.  

As well as providing energy for lighting and cooking, they help with the delivery of essential public services too – such as education, water and primary health care. At Boya, we are committed to providing renewable and sustainable energy solutions across Australia. Tailored specifically to meet your strategic and operational requirements.

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Additionally, our wealth of off-grid energy expertise is of particular benefit in the following areas:


  • Energy Storage (batteries)

  • Power

  • Water Solution 

  • Research & Development

  • Solar Power Plants

  • Remote communities

  • Agriculture

  • Dewatering and pumping systems

  • Telecommunications

  • Mine camp facilities

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Boya is a member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia. Our highly experienced team of installers are qualified and certified with the capabilities to design, install and commission residential and commercial PV systems.