From the biggest to the not-so-big organisations.

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We’re here to serve them all 

Boya through its partnerships can arrange supply of electricity, gas and renewable energy to corporate, commercial and industrial customers – big and small.


Boya operates in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), the primary electricity grid in Western Australia. The SWIS incorporates over 7,800 km of transmission lines and supplies the bulk of the South West region. We believe in standing up for greater choice in the market. We’re also here to help businesses to understand their energy use – and to benefit from our informed analytics and analysis.


Our dedicated team provides on-the-ground service and solutions tailored to individual business needs. Currently serving commercial and industrial customers with a diverse portfolio of energy solutions – including electricity, gas and renewable products – we are also the partner of choice for many medium-sized and smaller companies looking to engage with a local Aboriginal business.