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A new era in industrial renewable energy,
electrical and water solutions.

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Renewable Energy
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Electrical Contracting

Kaya Wanjoo
Welcome to Boya

We’re Boya, the industrial renewable energy company – an Indigenous business providing a range of industrial and commercial services and solutions. Boya is a new generation of socially and environmentally responsible businesses working for Australian industry, Indigenous communities and the greater good.


While the companies within our group specialise in different yet complementary areas of industrial services, we all share a common ethos.


Our philosophy

Embrace new technologies and partnerships that support Australian industry.


Our purpose

Create value for Australian business and positive, sustainable social and environmental change for everyone.

Our social and environmental mission

To empower Indigenous Australians; to provide the inspiration, support, technologies and opportunities Aboriginal people need to thrive, as individuals and communities, but also as a culture, protecting the country and enriching Australian society

We provide a diverse portfolio of renewable energy solutions – designed with Australian industry, for Australian industry.


These services and solutions fall into three broad categories:​



Getting to
Net Zero

It’s one thing to assist others in the energy transition, but we’re paying close attention to our own footprint too. We’ve set our goal to become carbon neutral and Climate Active certified by January 2023 as we take full responsibility for our impact on the planet.


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Electrical Contracting
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Water Solutions



Boya is the Nyoongar word for the quartz used to strike fire. Our story as an Aboriginal company leading in the energy transition will light the way for Aboriginal leadership and a new approach to caring for country.


Engagement with Aboriginal people and communities is embedded in Boya’s identity and the way we work.

We know that Aboriginal people have made an enormous contribution to industry and development in Australia, but continue to face economic challenges due to the legacy of discriminatory laws and practices. Boya respects the courage and resilience shown by generations of Aboriginal people. We believe that real engagement can only occur within a framework of self-determination and economic partnerships, where Aboriginal people can share in the wealth being produced on their Traditional Country. For the engagement to be meaningful it must provide tangible economic benefits to communities in a way that is sustainable and culturally appropriate.


Our Engagement Strategy sets out a broad framework for Aboriginal Engagement by Boya and being an Aboriginal organisation, Boya recognises the need to act inclusively and lead industry by powerful example.

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Today, globally we emit around
50 billion tonnes of C02 each year.

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